I am a herpetologist living in Jakarta, Indonesia (although my place of birth and childhood was Sri Lanka). During my childhood I developed a passion for biology, with a special interest in reptiles and amphibians. This led me into a study their morphology and systematic herpetology. I am currently a Research Scientist in the Research Center for Climate Change in the University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia, conducting research on taxonomy, ecology, conservation, and the biogeography of herpetofauna in Sri Lanka, South India, Andaman / Nicobar and Indonesian Archipelago (except mainland Papua, Timor & Timor-Leste).

My main research interests are:

1. Processes of speciation, biogeography, and taxonomy of South & Southeast Asian herpetofauna.

2. Effects of rain forest fragmentation and volcanic eruptions in shaping regional herpetofaunal diversity in Java and Sumatra.

3. Human-Crocodile Conflict (HCC) and mitigation in Sri Lanka, Sumatra, and Kalimantan.

4. Climate change impact on high altitude amphibians and reptiles in Sumatra and Java.

5. Behavioural adaptations of Javan Silvery Gibbon, Hylobates moloch

My primary research interest is taxonomy; and the focal taxa (genera) are:

Snakes (Serpentes):
Calamariinae (except Calamaria) and Colubrinae
Uropeltis only

Lizards (Sauria):
Dasia, Eutropis, Lankascincus, Larutia, Lipinia, Lygosoma, Nessia, Sphenomorphus
Acanthosaura, Aphaniotis, Bronchocela, Calotes, Dendragama, Gonocephalus, Harpesaurus, Hypsicalotes, Leiolepis, Lophocalotes, Phoxophrys, Pseudocalotes, Pseudocophotis, Thaumatorhynchus
Cnemaspis, Cyrtodactylus, Hemidactylus, Hemiphyllodactylus, Luperosaurus, Ptychozoon

Frogs/Toads (Anura):
Ansonia, Duttaphrynus, Ingerophrynus, Leptophryne, Pedostibes, Pelophryne, Phrynoidis, Pseudobufo, Rhinella, Sabahphrynus
Kaloula and Microhyla
Polypedates, Pseudophilautus, Rhacophorus

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